Thursday, September 12, 2013

One Heck of a Summer!

All of us here at Achva are so very proud of our very successful 2013 summer tours.  Both our East and West tours had a great group of kids who had an amazing summer experience they will not soon forget. The feedback we have received so far has been tremendously positive and thankful.

On top of that, Achva was excited to introduce our newest member of the family, Achva Alaska/Hawaii which got started with a great first year.  Anyone who might have been concerned that this tour was new, need not have worried.  The tour went very smoothly and got rave reviews from all the participants. Perhaps surprising to some was all the wonderful interaction including some Chesed activities we had with local Jewish communities in both Alaska and Hawaii. We look forward to a second year as good or better than the first.

If you are still not convinced, why not just ask someone who went on Achva this past summer and see their reaction. You will see what I mean.  Ultimately, Achva provides amazing memories and changes people for the better.  That is why we are here. And that is why we are extremely confident that 2014 will be another great summer for us, G"W.  Thanks again to all those who participated this past summer either as participants or staff.  And to all the parents out there who entrust us with their most precious ones, we want to offer our appreciation.

I hope to keep this blog a little more updated this year to keep people informed on what's going on here at Achva.  You may have heard of some changes at our parent, the National Council of Young Israel.  Let me reassure you that Achva plans on continuing to run the absolute best programs in the world for Modern Orthodox teens and the changes at the National Council will hopefully only increase our ability to do so with G-d's help.

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