Monday, December 17, 2012

Latest Update on Downtown Offices and More.

I just wanted to post some more information regarding how Achva is doing as we finish the calendar year.  In certain ways, not much is changed since a month ago and in other ways, much is now very different. Our office looks like it is coming back online next week, G"W, but we were without power there for about 6 weeks. While we have been able to adapt and function well without a formal office, it will certainly be nice to get back there and set up shop as we are accustomed to doing.

Meanwhile, people continue to sign up for our programs and while the storm definitely slowed us down somewhat, December has seen an acceleration that should make up for the slower than usual November.  We have also begun to have a lot of our information sessions and meetings that should have happened after the storm but needed to be postponed.  Its great to see how excited everyone is about all our programs for this summer. This week, we have meetings set for Stamford, CT and New Rochelle, NY.  (If you are interested in hosting a session anywhere, please let us know.)

As mentioned previously, summer preparation has been uninterrupted and completely unaffected by the storm, thank G-d.  So the tours are looking good.  At the same time, we have heard too many stories from people so negatively affected by the storm and who still need help. We have tried as best as we can to make summer plans less of a burden on anyone still dealing with the storm.  We have extended deadlines and such.  We also would like to let people know that if you were planning on Achva but now need financial help due to the storm, please call us about financial assistance.  We may be able to assist you in making Achva a reality in spite of the financial setbacks caused by Hurricane Sandy.

We hope to be back in our office by next week.  But no need to wait until then, please feel free to give us a call anytime to discuss the amazing Achva programs available to you for this coming summer.