Friday, September 7, 2012

Hurricane Warning

So the recent Hurricane Issac which hit the Gulf Coast areas brought back memories for a lot of people of Hurricane Katrina and reminded us again of the life-changing devastation that hurricanes can bring. This reminded me of an article written by a lovely young lady from New Orleans who went on Achva following Hurricane Katrina.  Her family, living in New Orleans, was, to put it very mildly, adversely affected by the storm. But her spirit and positive attitude will always be remembered by those who spent that summer with her on Achva West.  Below is a link to the article she wrote which was subsequently printed by the Viewpoint magazine.  I think this article shows clearly how Achva is about so much more than kids going on a trip.  Its about people caring for others and bringing Jewish kids together from wherever they may be from.  The article also reminds us of the rich history of Achva West that just cannot be duplicated anywhere else.  Check it out:

An Experience Like No Other by Ruth Brown, New Orleans, Louisiana

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